Prepar3D v2.0 Developer Blog – SimDirector

   Becoming a SimDirector: Scenario and Mission Generation Prepar3D needed a new way to plan, design, and implement training and learning scenarios.  For that reason we created SimDirector, a complete mission and learning scenario tool suite that will ship free in all versions of the Prepar3D v2 SDK.  The main goal for SimDirector was to bring more refinement to editing the Prepar3D mission world and to help make it more intuitive and easier to create structured learning and training experiences. Prepar3D now meets it’s ‘learning missions in minutes’ goal we set out for from day one. With SimDirector users can

Prepar3D v2.0 Developer Blog – DirectX11

Prepar3D v2.0 Developer Blog – DirectX11 As many of you are aware, since the release of Prepar3D v1.4, and even earlier actually, parts of our development team have been working on Prepar3D v2.0.  With Prepar3D v2.0 coming out later this year, it has many new and exciting features which we will begin to highlight in developer blogs, and the spotlight of this first developer blog will be on Directx11. The core rendering engine in Prepar3D has been completely overhauled and updated from DirectX9 to DirectX11.  The biggest benefit to this is that now Prepar3D is able to better take advantage