FSFlyingSchool is an add-on team of artificially intelligent instructors for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v5. It provides talking instructors to pilots on any flight, in any powered airplane, anywhere in the world. From the moment the flight starts, to the time the pilot walks away, the instructor is monitoring the pilot’s actions and will comment on and advise in hundreds of different areas, from airmanship to taxiing – navigation to weather considerations, and a great deal more.

Pilots have been flying with FSFlyingSchool for 14 years, during which time it has won 5 Classic Product Awards from PC Pilot Magazine.

Over 70 areas of airmanship are monitored during flight and full logs are maintained which can be reviewed later and indeed analyzed by several powerful tools built into FSFlyingSchool.

Pilots can talk back too. The voice command pack allows the pilot to ask for lots of useful information and to keep the instructor informed of the pilot’s intentions – this in turn leads to a deeply immersive simulation.

Optionally, pilots can position the aircraft for approaches to any land runway in the world within seconds by using the ‘On Approach’ function of FSFlyingSchool with a few mouse clicks. These approaches include final, intersecting final, downwind, base and entering the pattern.

In addition, 15 specific popular aircraft are covered in a greater level of detail. The instructor knows their checklists and details such as power settings, fuel management, v-speeds, carburetor heat, cowl flaps, primer, fuel pumps, propeller levers and much more.

Pilots can try all this out with the free demo which has no time limit and comes with a full set of manuals.

Visit the FSFlyingSchool website at http://www.fsflyingschool.com/features- … or-p39.asp to learn more.