Lockheed Martin Highlights Prepar3D at Special Operations Forces Conference

At this year’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) held in Tampa, Fla., May 17-19, Lockheed Martin demonstrated technology and programs that are being used – or could be used – by special forces to prepare for their critical missions. Prepar3D, running on the Multi-Function Training Aid (MFTA), was a popular stop for many show attendees. Associated Press even stopped by and featured Prepar3D and the MFTA in its video covering the conference called: “High-tech Gear the Future of Special Ops”. The video can be seen on You Tube and other news sites that have run the piece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JzR51e_TWU.

Prepar3D at ITEC Update

Lockheed Martin attended ITEC, Europe’s premier training and simulation technology show, where it demoed Prepar3D v. 1.1. Held several times daily, the Prepar3D ® demo showcased the power of the software, including its new features. Demo highlights included: Bathymetric detail … Prepar3D ® now offers even more detailed depictions of water. Schools are using Prepar3D ® to help students learn about undersea life. With bathymetry, students can add rich details to their underwater worlds, learning about coral reefs, fish and more. Sensors … newly added military sensors provide enhanced fidelity – an element of realism that’s newly realized for this

Prepar3D® Showcased at GameTech

Prepar3D ® – Lockheed Martin’s mid-fidelity visual simulation software – demonstrated its strategic role in the future of serious training at this year’s Defense GameTech Users’ Conference in Orlando. The annual conference is the centerpiece of an effort by the Department of Defense to advance game and virtual world technologies to improve training and human performance. For Lockheed Martin representatives Martile Allen and Wes Bard from the Prepar3D ® development team, it was an opportunity to show potential users the true value of what the powerful, mid-fidelity software could add to a training program. “At the end of the day,