Plane, GSX & Chaseplane stops working.

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Plane, GSX & Chaseplane stops working.

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Hi, ever since updating to v4.3 my sim has been playing up. After around 10 or 15 minutes I can not use the exterior cameras from Chaseplane but the interior cameras do work. GSX stops working, I can not bring up the option bar when pressing shift+ctrl+f12 or when I go to the add ons bar and use it from there. And then finally the plane doesn't move even when I apply full throttle.
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Re: Plane, GSX & Chaseplane stops working.

Post by elmucki »

sounds to me like some add ons are not v4.3 compatible...
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Re: Plane, GSX & Chaseplane stops working.

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Hello Jorge

Welcome to the Prepar3D Forum.

Have you contacted the Support Forum for GSX and Chaseplane ?

To have us assist you further, could you please follow the steps in the topic below and let us know the results.

Keep us posted on your situation ... 2&t=123246
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Re: Plane, GSX & Chaseplane stops working.

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Hi Jorge,
When the aircraft doesn't move, are you saying it could move (I presume taxi) during the first 15 minutes or so? This may sound elementary, but wheel chocks can stop a plane from moving and they are sometimes overlooked.
Also, I'll mention for Jorge's sake that my GSX acts the same way his does. I haven't noticed Chaseplane acting that way, but I'll watch for it. P3D v4.3 is working great for me though so far aside from a few glitches (the route planner especially) and the other major issues reside I think with add-on developers; whom I have contacted.