Intel HD 630 Final answer + easy FSX fix for ORBX

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Intel HD 630 Final answer + easy FSX fix for ORBX

Postby EC-3904 » Fri Oct 02, 2020 12:04 pm

I contacted Lockheed through the contact page, they replied directly and in so many words, have no interest in working on a fix to allow computers with only Intel HD 630 to be able to run any version of P3D. The interest in this issue is high, seeing 169 views on my first post in 24 hours.

The reason I wanted to switch to P3D was so I can run the full suite of ORBX. I have since learned how to set up FSX Steam to run the full suite of ORBX and it is an easy fix. If you have several areas of photoreal scenery installed in FSX Steam and try to run ORBX you got an out of memory error. To fix this, in the scenery library screen if you uncheck all the photoreal scenery you can run ORBX. The photoreal can still be installed, just leave it turned off, unless you plan to fly over an area using photoreal.

The issue with photoreal, is that if you have several areas of photoreal, when you start a flight FSX loads all the photoreal even if you are not flying over it. This uses up the Virtual Address Space VAS. With all the photoreal turned off (Unchecked) I have been able to run ORBX with Scenery Complexity and Autogen Density set to Extremely Dense.

You can download a document explaining memory usage from ... ion-guide/

(the forum abbreviates the link, the last part of it is 41-avsim-basic-fsx-configuration-guide/)


Why this became an issue for me was Microsoft's new FS2020 left many of us behind by it requiring an expensive high power gaming computer and 4K monitor to run it. I have a computer that is good enough to run FSX Steam, I wanted better global scenery for my FSX and got the full suite of ORBX. Got the out of memory error. For a while the only solution was to switch to P3D. Then someone sent me the link to the AVSIM FSX guide, which was the first I had ever heard of how FSX treats photoreal and VAS.

Photoreal vs ORBX - Photoreal is based on satellite imagery and is highly accurate. You can find all the details in the scenery that show on an FAA sectional, and a road atlas. You can find your house, practice search and rescue flights, become familiar with an area before flying over it for real. The down side of it is it takes a lot of memory, disk space, and if flying low over it , buildings and trees are like flying over a flat photograph. If you are over 1000 feet above ground it starts looking better.

ORBX is not accurate, but things are all rendered in 3D. The buildings and trees are generic and put in place as you fly over them. The land is based on sections of areas that represent the type of land that you are flying over. Though not accurate, it looks good. You can buy the ORBX basic global package, and can add upgrades to add some accuracy to it and more detail. One of those upgrades is a buildings pack. It adds extra buildings that are better looking and in the local style. Example, Casablanca. It is not rendered accurately, but you can clearly see the difference between the modern section of the city and the old section.

FScene4X is a lower price option for a global scenery upgrade, $ 25 for the global pack. It is much better than the stock scenery, but some areas look desolate and plain like the Sahara Desert. ORBX adds detail to desolate areas to be more interesting to fly over.

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