PMDG 737 NGX crash at startup multiplayer only

Any issues, problems or troubleshooting topics related to the Prepar3D client application's multiplayer mode
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PMDG 737 NGX crash at startup multiplayer only

Post by Clemcorky »

Hello everyone ,

It’s my first time posting on the forum so I hope I post in the appropriate queue.
So here is the deal, I bought the 737 base package from PMDG a few days ago .
I can launch it properly in “single” user mode , but when I start launching the aircraft in multiplayer the aircraft dive into the runway and crashes .
I tried different things like :
1: disabled crashing mode in P3d settings
2: adjusting mesh to minimum as I saw on internet , but still same issue.
3: I tried to cross troubleshoot with my PMDG 747 and works fine in both single and multiplayer.

I contacted PMDG support already, and they the following :
We do not support the sim in build multiplayer function I am afraid. What this does is reloading the plane on top of the already loaded plane and this is know to cause issues. It's the same as loading any PMDG plane and then loading another one or changing liveries without restarting the sim"

Customer & Product Support
PMDG Simulations, LLC

I have windows 10 64 bits, I erased both PMDG aircraft and p3D .

I wonder if you guys could help me before sending a ticket to p3d support.


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Re: PMDG 737 NGX crash at startup multiplayer only

Post by killerbee1958 »

HI Clement,

Did you ever fix this?
I am having exactly the same problem and have confirmed it is a PMDG problem as multiplayer with another aircraft works fine.
However if i first try to start multiplayer with PMDG 737NGX then all other aircrafts loaded after this also dive in the runway. (As explained in the text from PMDG in your post)

On fresh start of P3d (V4.5) no problem with other aircraft.

I am trying to setup multiplayer MCM with PMDG 737Ngx so would be nice if there is a fix for this
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Re: PMDG 737 NGX crash at startup multiplayer only

Post by BAWV12 »

Try to use JoinFS. This little utility can connect P3Dv4.5 with FSX or XPlanes. Or You can try Swift client, this package allow You to fly in VatSim network, or connect P3D with FSX, Xplanes or opensource FlightGear sim.
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