Wrong aircraft appears on Prepar3D in DIS network

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Wrong aircraft appears on Prepar3D in DIS network

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Hi All,
We are working on a project where we Connect 2 prepar3D instances using DIS. Both instances of Prepar3D are running AT802 aircraft.
The issue is after DIS connection is established Beech King Air 350 aircraft appears instead of AT802 in both Prepar3D instances. In other words, AT802 aircraft appears has user aircraft in both instances but Beech King Air 350 appears has other aircraft in both instances. Kindly help us to solve this.
Clifton Crane
Lockheed Martin
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Re: Wrong aircraft appears on Prepar3D in DIS network

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Hi sunilhalvi,

Prepar3D includes DIS enumerations for most default objects, however you will need to add DIS enumerations for add-on objects. This can be done by editing the DISEntityTypes.xml file. This file can be located within the %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 directory.

The Learning Center has additional information in the Distributed Interactive Simulation article. The Entity Type Configuration section describes how to add additional entity types.

Hope this helps,
Clifton Crane
Prepar3D® Software Engineer Sr.
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