P3D V4.3 sticks to the "scenery-index-create" on the start screen - temporary solution?

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P3D V4.3 sticks to the "scenery-index-create" on the start screen - temporary solution?

Postby Markus1981 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:12 pm

Unfortunately, a few days ago I had a serious problem. I wanted to switch to the newer version of Justsim LFMN. When I went to the de. and reinstalling the sim wanted to start, hung the bar at the scenery-index-create at 77% and nothing moved more.
First I removed LFMN from the scenery library using the Lorby AddonOrganizer - without success!
Then I completely uninstalled LFMN - without success!
Then I deleted the scenery.cfg (of course saved) - again no success!
Then I deleted the P3d client and reinstalled it (but every time 4.3) - of course again without success!
In my distress, I then also "Deletet Generated Files" in the P3d main directory executed - even without success!

I have tried your recommended steps (unfortunately unsuccessful) ...

The simulator was stuck at the start every time the scenery-index-create !!
Fortunately, I do regular backups ... Thanks to Acronis True Image, P3d V4 is back!

Today I wanted to install LTAI from JustSim. When I started P3d V4.3 he got stuck again at the scenery index build at 99%

This time I ONLY uninstalled the Prepar3D client (v4.3)
On the P3D download page under "Legacy Clients" an earlier version (v4.2) was installed and it ran again!
Immediately afterwards immediately de-installed and the new (v4.3) on it again, and it is back to normal!

If in the future I really do every time you install a new scenery with Client v4.2, v4.3 de. and reinstall or each time almost 100 scenes would have to re-register again, it is the same better I go back to P3d V4.2.?

Is there any solution from your side?

thanks in advance and best regards from Salzburg/Austria,

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Re: P3D V4.3 sticks to the "scenery-index-create" on the start screen - temporary solution?

Postby Lumpi00 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:31 pm

Indeed if have the same problem and I used all steps recommended, I had a similar issue when updating to 4.1, back then I reinstalled the whole sim and I was so angry and it took ages to install all sceneries all aircraft and in general all add-ons. If I have to do this again I'm getting really mad. Seriously I'm getting tired of it. Hopefully, someone has a solution. Currently, my P3D stucks on the loading screen after I clicked the desktop icon.
Sincerely Lukas.

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