FSFlyingSchool’s artificially intelligent talking instructors give instant interactive instruction to pilots on any flight, in any powered airplane, anywhere in the world. The instructors watch and comment on over 70 different areas of airmanship. Full pilot logs of each flight are maintained and can be analyzed by the pilot to identify any problems.

The chief instructor will observe and instruct the pilot on aspects of their flight, such as ground and air traffic, taxiways at the current airfield, and weather conditions. Pilots can even talk to the instructor and get plenty of helpful information and advice on demand.

In addition, pilots can set up approaches to any land runway in the world within seconds by using the ‘On Approach’ function of FSFlyingSchool with a few mouse clicks. These approaches include final, intersecting final, downwind, and base leg.

FSFlyingSchool PRO 2016 gives nuanced instruction in 15 specific, popular aircrafts. The instructor knows their checklists and details such as power settings, fuel management, v-speeds, carburetor heat, cowl flaps, primer, fuel pumps, propeller levers and much more.


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